Veterinary Drugs Residue Methods


Category Antibacterial substances, including sulfonamides and quinolones
Drug Class Name Sulfonamides
Method Title Determination of Sulfonamides in liver. PR-RES-22_Determinacion_de_sulfas_en_higado rev 2
Method Date 2009/01/01
Method Type Screening, Confirmatory, Quantitative
Scope and Application This technique is useful for the detection/quantification of residues of the following sulfonamides in liver of cattle, sheep, horses and pigs: sulfacetamide, sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, sulfamerazine, sulfamethoxipyridazine, sulfamethazine, sulfaclorpyridazine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfaquinoxaline, sulfadimethoxine.
Method Summary The sulfonamides are extracted from the samples by centrifugation using acetic acid /acetone and ethyl acetate. The supernatant is cleaned-up using Varian Bond Elut – NH2 and SCX SPE columns. Methanol is eluted from the NH2 columns and the eluate loaded onto SCX column from which the sulfas are eluted using a mixture of methanol: ammonium hydroxide. This is evaporated to dryness with nitrogen in a water bath and the residue dissolved in acetone. The acetone is also evaporated and the final residue dissolved in the mobile phase (acetonitrile:acetate buffer) prior to analysis using HPLC/DAD connected to a LiChrosorb RP-C18 analytical column.
Applicable Concentration Range Sulfacetamide, sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, sulfamerazine, sulfamethoxipyridazina, sulfamethazine, sulfaclorpyridazina, sulfamethoxazole, sulfaquinoxaline, sulfadimethoxine may be detected in liver of cattle, sheep, horses and pigs at ≥ 50 µg kg-1 concentration level.
QC Requirements See attached SOP
Method Source The Dr. Miguel C. Rubino Laboratory, Veterinary Laboratories Division (DILAVE), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Republic of Uruguay
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