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Name Synonyms Common Names Disinfestation Sterilization
Anopheles albimanus mosquito (En)
Anopheles arabiensis mosquito
Anopheles coluzzii Anopheles coluzzii, formerly known as Anopheles gambiae M molecular form, was defined as a separate species in 2013 (Coetzee et al.). An. coluzzii belongs to the Anopheles gambiae species complex, which consists of at least seven species. Mosquito (En), moustique (Fr)
Anopheles gambiae mosquito (En)
Anopheles maculipennis atroparvus Anopheles maculipennis species complex: An.maculipennis, An.maculipennis s.s., An.atroparvus mosquito (En)
Anopheles messeae mosquito
Anopheles pharoensis mosquito
Anopheles quadrimaculatus common malaria mosquito
Anopheles stephensi mosquito
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