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Name Synonyms Common Names Disinfestation Sterilization
Bactrocera carambolae Carambola fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera correcta Chaetodacus correctus (Bezzi); Dacus (Strumeta) correctus (Bezzi) Guava fruit fly
Bactrocera cucumis Cucumber fly (EN)
Bactrocera cucurbitae Melon fly (EN)
Bactrocera dorsalis Oriental fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera jarvisi Afrodacus jarvisi Jarvis' fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera latifrons Dacus latifrons Solanum fruit fly (EN); Malaysian fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera minax Bactrocera (Tetradacus) minax, Mellesis citri, Bactrocera citri Chinese citrus fly
Bactrocera occipitalis
Bactrocera oleae Dacus oleae Olive fruit fly
Bactrocera papayae Malaysian papaya fly (EN)
Bactrocera passiflorae Fiji fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera philippinensis Philippines fruit fly
Bactrocera tau
Bactrocera tryoni Queensland fruit fly (EN)
Bactrocera Tsuneonis Tetradacus tsuneonis (Miyyake), Dacus chenia Chen, Dacus tsuneonis Miyake Japanese orange fly (EN), citrusfruitfly
Bactrocera zonata Dacus zonatus peach fruit fly (EN); doubabat al khoukh (AR)
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