International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization or IDIDAS

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Name Synonyms Common Names Disinfestation Sterilization
Xylosandrus compactus Ambrosia beetle (EN)
Xylosandrus crassiusculus Dryocoetes bengalensis Stebbing Phloeotrogus crassiusculus Motschulsky Xyleborus crassiusculus (Motschulsky) Xyleborus declivigranulatus Schedl Xyleborus mascarenus Hagedorn Xyleborus okoumeensis Schedl Xyleborus semigranosus Blandford Xyleborus semiopacus Eichhoff Asian ambrosia beetle, Granulate Ambrosia Beetle
Xylosandrus germanus Ambrosia beetle (EN)
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