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The results of analytical measurements play a vital role in our daily lives. Analytical data may be the basis upon which economic, legal or environmental management decisions are made, and they are essential in international trade, environmental protection, safe transportation, law enforcement, consumer safety and the preservation of human health.Read More

IAEA Reference Materials

The IAEA provides reference materials (RMs) to laboratories world-wide to assist them in the quality of the results they obtain by nuclear analytical techniques. More than 90 different reference materials are distributed by the Agency. Each of these is characterised for analytes belonging to one of the following groups: Radionuclides, Trace Elements and Methyl Mercury, Organic Compounds, Stable Isotopes. In particular, the IAEA is the world's largest supplier of matrix reference materials characterised for radionuclides. Some of the IAEA reference materials characterized for isotope ratios are at the highest metrological level as international measurement standards. Read More

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