IAEA-TEL-2012-03 World Wide Open Proficiency Test

Status: Final evaluation reports in preparation

World-wide proficiency test, IAEA-TEL-2012-03, on the determination of anthropogenic gamma-emitters in water in the presence of natural background, of radio-caesium in hay and of both natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in soil samples

The IAEA Terrestrial Environmental Laboratory is planning to organise a proficiency test on the determination of the anthropogenic and natural radionuclides in water, hay and soil samples according to the following schedule:

  • Target group: World-wide laboratories who are interested in the determination of the anthropogenic and natural radionuclides in environmental samples
  • Matrix:
    • Tap water, spiked with anthropogenic radionuclides and with 226Ra to simulate a natural background.
    • Hay, collected in Austria shortly after the Chernobyl accident "naturally contaminated" with 137Cs and spiked with 134Cs isotope.
    • Soil, from "Jeju Island" (Korea, Republic of), containing anthropogenic and natural radionuclides. The sample is milled, sieved under the 150 micron particle size and sterilized with 20 kGy gamma dose.
  • Sample Set: Each participant will receive three water samples, 500 g each, one hay sample (150 g) and one soil sample (200 g).
  • Target analytes (tentative):
    in water: unknown gamma-emitters,
    in hay: 134Cs and 137Cs,
    in soil: 90Sr, 137Cs, TRU and natural radioisotopes.
    These analytes will be evaluated against pre-established reference values and associated uncertainties.
  • Target dates (tentative):
    • 22 Oct. 2012 - Opening date for on-line registration
    • 16 Nov. 2012 - Closing date for on-line registration
    • 1st Dec. 2012 - Organizer confirmation of the participation in the PT
    • 14 Jan 2013 - Shipment of the samples
    • !13 May 2013 - Results submission deadline!
    • 03 June 2013 - Individual evaluation reports
      30 April - 10 May 2014 - Final evaluation reports distribution
    • 30 May 2014 - Draft of summary report
    • 31 December 2014 - Final of summary report
  • For more information contact the PT officer Mr. Alexander Trinkl at: a.trinkl@iaea.org
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