IAEA-TEL-2014-03 World Wide Open Proficiency Test

Status: Data Reporting

Materials and scope of the PT:

The sample set of the IAEA TEL-2014 world-wide proficiency test consists of three water, biota and sediment samples for determination of radionuclides (all together five samples).

The regular three water samples (Sample 01-02-03) contain gamma, beta and alpha emitter radionuclides. As usual the third sample is the QC sample with known radionuclide content.

The seaweed sample (Sample 04) represents the biota spiked with anthropogenic gamma emitter radionuclides.

The last one (Sample 05) is lake sediment with low radioactive content.

Important note: The radioactive content all of these samples are less than the exemption level both in terms of concentration and absolute activity.

PT schedule:

Registration Until 31th of March 2014
Sample Transfer Until 30th of May 2014
Reporting Time Unitl 30th of September 2014


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