The IAEA-CU-2009-03 World wide proficiency test on the determination of radionuclides in moss-soil and spiked water

Target group

Laboratories interested in the analysis of natural and man made radionuclides from the fall-out.

PT Samples

Participants will receive one moss-soil sample of 100 grams, and three spiked water samples of 500 grams.

Analytes (tentative)

For gamma emitting radionuclides the design of the proficiency test will be such that the participants will be asked to analyse the moss-soil and water samples for the following radionuclides K-40, Co-60, Zn-65, Cs-134, Cs-137, Cd-109, Ba-133, Ce-144, Eu-155, Pb-210, Ra-226, Ac-228, Th-234 and Am-241. It should be noted that only some of the listed radionuclides will be present in the samples. The levels of the radionuclides are such that they can be measured within a 12 hour measurement period using a conventional HPGe g‑spectrometer of 35% relative efficiency.

For radiochemical analysis the participants will be asked to analyse the moss-soil sample for the following radionuclides
Sr-90, Po-210, Th-232, U-234, U-238, Pu-238, Pu-239+240 and Am-241.

Activity level

Below 1000 Bq kg-1 for each of the radionuclides.
and below 20 Bq kg-1 for each of the radionuclides in the spiked water.

Target dates (tentative)

15 June 2009

Opening date for on-line applications

15 July 2009

Closing date for on-line applications

1 September 2009

Organizer confirmation of the participation in the PT

15 October 2009

Shipment of the samples

30 April 2010

Results submission deadline

15 June 2010

Individual evaluation reports

February 2011 Draft summary report of the Proficiency Test

For more information contact the PT Officer Mr. Abdulghani Shakhashiro at:

Status: The proficiency test was concluded and individual evaluation reports were provided on-line to all participants

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