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A slab of Carrara marble (approximately 300 kg) was freshly cut in the quarry of Carcaraia, locality of Acquabianca, municipality of Gorfigliano, province of Lucca, Italy, by the company IMEG of Viareggio, and supplied free of charge to the IAEA. The reported category of marble is “Marmo Bianco P.” and contains 100% of CaCO3. The marble was subsequently prepared at the IAEA, mechanically crushed, and milled down to a dust‑free fraction of 1.6 ‑ 5.0 mm. The recommended value of this quality control material is the result of the statistical evaluation of an interlaboratory comparison [1,2].

Reference date for decay correction: 1991-01-01

Recommended value 

14C activity
Estimated standard
error [pMC]
0.00 0.02

Information value

Standard deviation
2.42 0.33



  1. ROZANSKI, K., Consultants' group meeting on 14C reference materials for radiocarbon laboratories. February 18-20, 1991, Vienna, Austria. Internal Report, IAEA, Vienna (1991).

  2. ROZANSKI, K., STICHLER, W., GONFIANTINI, R., SCOTT, E. M., BEUKENS, R. P., KROMER, B., VAN DER PLICHT, J., The IAEA 14C Intercomparison exercise 1990, Radiocarbon, 34 3 (1992) 506-519.

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