IAEA-C7 , Oxalic Acid


IAEA‑C7 and IAEA‑C8 Oxalic Acids were prepared by M. Le Clercq and J. van der Plicht, by using industrially oxalic acids, one produced using the carbohydrate oxidation route in India by the Vaishali firm, Aurangabad, and synthetic oxalic acids produced using the alkaline CO_H2O synthesis by the company Rhône‑Poulenc, Switzerland. Both materials, one containing modern 14C levels  and the other one being free of 14C,  were mixed both together in desired ratios by dissolution and re‑crystallization at Chemie Uettikon GmbH, Lahr, Germany [1], in quantities of 150 kg for each product.

Reference date for decay correction: 1998-01-01

Recommended value

14C activity
Estimated standard
error [pMC]
49.53 0.12*

* Marked value is expressed as standard uncertainty  (1-σ level) 
Information value

Standard deviation
-14.48 0.21**

** Marked value is standard uncertainty at 1-σ level, calculated from the data given in the respective literature

  1. LE CLERCQ, M., VAN DER PLICHT, J., GRÖNING, M., New 14C reference materials with activities of 15 and 50 pMC, Radiocarbon 40 1 (1998) 295-297.

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