IAEA-603 , Calcite

Inorganic , Mineral

The reference material IAEA-603 (calcite, CaCO3) prepared with the aim to replace the reference material NBS19 (exhausted) is certified for the stable isotopic δ13C and δ18O composition. Description of the material, its intended use, results of the characterisation and the values assignment can be found in the Reference Sheet. The material IAEA-603 is supplied as 0.5 g units in flame sealed glass ampoules.

Assigned δ13C and δ18O values for the stable isotopic composition of IAEA-603
expressed in per mille (‰) on the respective VPDB scales

  Assigned value Combined standard
uncertainty at 1σ-level
δ13C, ‰
on the VPDB δ13C scale
+2.46 ±0.01
δ18O, ‰
on the VPDB δ18O scale
-2.37 ±0.04
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