IAEA-602 , Benzoic Acid

Materials with known 2H, 13C, 15N and 18O isotopic composition

  • International Chemical Safety Card (ICSC): ICSC_0103

This reference material was prepared by A. Schimmelmann, Indiana University, USA, and W. Brand and R. Werner, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany, from commercially procured batches of powdered pure benzoic acid. The material was subsequently isotopically enriched in δ18O by an exchange reaction with δ18O enriched water at elevated temperature. The δ18O value was determined using on-line methods (MPI Jena) and off-line methods (Indiana University). The δ18O value stated is an average determined from both methods. Reports of other laboratories to IAEA on the isotopic values measured are welcome. The δ18O enriched material is generally not suitable for routine δ13C analysis due to the interference of its enriched 17O and 13C content. However, its δ13C value was determined in an international calibration [1].

Analyte Value Unit SD R/I/C
δ18O +71.4 VSMOW1 0.5 R

(R/I/C) Classification assigned to the property value for analyte (Recommended/Information/Certified)
[1] VSMOW scale


  1. COPLEN, T.B., BRAND, W.A., GEHRE, M., GRÖNING, M., MEIJER, H.A.J., TOMAN, B., VERKOUTEREN, R.M., New guidelines for δ13C measurements, Anal. Chem. 78 (2006) 2439-2441.

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