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Welcome to INMA!

​The International Nuclear Management Academy (INMA) is an IAEA-facilitated collaboration framework with leading nuclear engineering and science universities in Member States that aim to establish master’s programmes tailored to the industry needs and to managers in the nuclear sector. It offers a set of common requirements for master’s programmes with specialized focus on advanced aspects of management and leadership in nuclear technology, science and engineering.

INMA membership provides a basis for participating universities to collaborate and to provide sustainable Nuclear Technology Management (NTM) education programmes that reflect the industry’s best practices and accumulated knowledge. It also strives to promote collaboration among universities to develop joint programmes and share educational resources, materials and tools. Under the INMA initiative universities actively contribute to the programme development and proceed to incorporate the INMA requirements into their existing curricula. The INMA-NTM programmes are intended for students from countries eitehr with or without existing nuclear power programme. 

The IAEA supports the universities with INMA peer review missions to benchmark the curriculum of their master’s programmes against the 47 INMA Nuclear Technology Management Competency Areas.

The result of a successful peer review mission is the INMA endorsement of the NTM master's programmes and full INMA membership.

The IAEA coordinates the following INMA activities in cooperation with the INMA full members, associate members and their stakeholders:

  • Develop and maintain the common requirements for INMA-NTM programmes;
  • Organize initial assist visits to promote better understanding of the INMA requirements and support universities in assessing the feasibility of implementing an NTM programme and building stakeholder support;
  • Conduct INMA peer review assessment missions to assess a proposed or existing university NTM programme;
  • Improve the INMA framework by facilitation of the INMA Advisory Board;
  • Implement annual meetings of the INMA full members, associate members and their stakeholders, as well as interested universities.

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