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INMA Process

INMA Endorsement Process

The steps required for the assessment of an NTM programme against the INMA-NTM Programme requirements are as follows:

Step 1. A university formally requests, in a formal letter through the Member State's official channels, an INMA Initial Assist Mission, to discuss with the organisation's staff and stakeholders, the establishment of an NTM programme and to identify gaps between its existing programme(s) and the INMA requirements.

Step 2. Following acceptance of the request by the IAEA, the university, in accordance with the INMA Terms of Reference, commences its preparations for the Initial Assist Mission by conducting a self-assessment of its newly designed or existing programme(s).

Step 3. The INMA Initial Assist Mission is implemented, and the summarized findings (Initial Assist Mission Report) are provided to the university.

Step 4. The university develops and establishes an NTM programme that meets the requirements of the INMA-NTM Programme.

Step 5. The university requests an INMA Final Assessment Mission.

Step 6. The university performs a self-assessment of its NTM programme comparing it with the INMA- NTM Requirements and submits a complete INMA information package to the IAEA.

Step 7. The INMA Final Assessment Mission is implemented, and the summarized findings are provided to the university.

Step 8. The university provides feedback on the main findings and recommendations made, if any.

Step 9. The IAEA issues the Final Assessment Mission Report.

Step 10. The university responds to the Final Assessment Mission Report with an action plan to address any major revisions or additions required of their programme, if any, and informs the IAEA once all issues have been addressed.

Step 11. A final decision is made by the Director of the IAEA's Department of Nuclear Energy's Division of Nuclear Energy Planning, Information and Knowledge Management in consultation with the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section Head as to whether the educational institution's NTM programme can be recognized as an INMA-NTM Programme.

Step 12. A formal letter signed by the IAEA, together with an INMA-NTM Programme Certificate, is sent to the university endorsing its NTM programme as an INMA-NTM Programme. 

Initial Assist Mission – The initial visit made by a Team of Experts to the university to establish whether the university has the capability to develop and deliver and NTM programme, and to provide help, guidance and suggestions for the university.

Initial Assist Mission Report - The report on the Initial Assist Mission compiled by the Team of Experts

Information Package - The package of self-assessment documents provided by the educational institution, which contains the Programme Description Form, the four Category Description Forms, the Courses Delivery and Assessment Form and the Self-Assessment Spreadsheet.

Final Assessment Mission – The mission by the Team of Experts to assess the NTM programme developed by the university.

Final Assessment Mission Report – The report on the Final Assessment Mission compiled by the Team of Experts. It includes the recommendation on whether or not to endorse the educational institution's NTM programme.