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ISTR Survey

1. Title Ms
2. First Name
3. Family Name
4. Email Address
5. Qualification
6. Institution
7. Country of your institute/organisation
8. Current job type Industrial Radiopharmacy;
9. Type of radioisotopes you are handling  
10. Name the radiopharmaceuticals produced in your unit for clinical use/commercial use/research?  
11. Do you work in an institution engaged in radiopharmaceutical research?  
12. If yes, does your institution have a facility for preclinical research?  
13. Are radiopharmaceuticals regulated by the National Drug Regulatory Agency or an equivalent body in your country?  
14. If yes, please provide the name  
15. Are you aware about the Agency/ Institute responsible for giving licenses to radiopharmacy units in your country?  
16. Please provide the name  
17. If you have any additional information please provide here