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Freeze dried biota (clam, Gafrarium trumidum)    
Organic   Animal Product

Origin and preparation of the material

60 kg of Tumid Venus clams (Gafrarium tumidum) were collected in Noumea, New Caledonia. The organisms were dissected and the soft tissues were deep-frozen, freeze dried, ground into powder and sieved through a 250 μm stainless steel sieve.

The sieved biota fraction with a particle size of less than 250 μm was homogenized by mixing it in a stainless steel rotating homogenizer for three weeks. Then, aliquots of about 20 g were packaged in amber glass bottles with aluminum screw caps, labeled IAEA-451 and sealed with Teflon tape.

Certified mass fractions values
Chlorinated pesticides
(based on dry mass)

Analyte UnitCertified value1
Expanded uncertainty2
EOMmg g-142.24.4
HCBng g-10.390.04
Dieldrinng g-11.880.16
α-Chlordaneng g-10.560.04
γ-Chlordaneng g-10.460.13
Aroclor 1260ng g-153.24.0

PCB congeners and PBDE 

Analyte Certified value1
[ng g-1]
Expanded uncertainty2
[ng g-1]
PCB 280.850.09
PCB 950.580.10
PCB 1011.740.14
PCB 1050.490.12
PCB 1100.880.13
PCB 1181.010.08
PCB 1280.490.04
PCB  1385.300.58
PCB  1493.330.42
PCB 1538.590.78
PCB 1703.050.40
PCB 1741.320.07
PCB 1770.940.10
PCB 1806.561.20
PCB 1873.970.26
PCB 1941.450.09
PCB 2060.240.03
PBDE 1000.230.04


Petroleum hydrocarbons

AnalyteUnitCertified value1
Expanded uncertainty2
EOMmg g-136.76.4
Total aliphaticsμg g-124434
n-C17ng g-137344
Naphthaleneng g-114.81.2
Phenanthreneng g-115.85.6
Chryseneng g-126.92.0
Fluorantheneng g-149.33.2
Pyreneng g-140.04.6
Benzo [b] Fluorantheneng g-135.86.2
Benzo [k] Fluorantheneng g-114.73.2
Benz [a] Anthraceneng g-119.21.3
Benzo [a] Pyreneng g-118.22.4
Benzo [g,h,i] Peryleneng g-119.52.4
Dibenz [a,h] Anthraceneng g-15.321.36

1) Robust mean of the accepted data sets, each set being obtained by a different laboratory and/or a different method of determination
2) Estimated expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor k=2, corresponding to a level of confidence of approximately 95%, as defined in the Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement JCGM100:2008 [1].


Recommended and information values for mass fractions
Chlorinated pesticides, PCBs Congeners, Petroleum hydrocarbons
please consult Reference sheet (attached)
Please note that information values are not to be used for any assessment of analytical performance or similar; they are included to provide information about the expected mass fractions/concentration levels

The assigned values were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in an international interlaboratory comparison organized by the IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco, in 2009.
The details concerning all reported results as well as the criteria for qualification as a certified, recommended or information value may be found in the respective report (attached).

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