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 Update on 4 March 2020: 

We regret to inform you that this conference has been cancelled. For further information please visit the conference website:

AccApp'20 is the fourteenth international topical meeting on the applications of accelerators; it is being organized by the Accelerator Applications Division of the
American Nuclear Society (ANS) in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). AccApp'20 will be held at the IAEA Headquarters in the
Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria, 5-9 April 2020.

The purpose of these topical AccApp meetings is to provide an international forum for discussing the various applications of particle accelerators. Meetings are
focused on the production and utilization of accelerator-produced neutrons, photons, electrons and other particles for scientific and industrial purposes; production
or destruction of radionuclides significant for energy, medicine, cultural heritage, or other endeavors; safety and security applications; medical imaging, diagnostics, and
therapeutic treatment. One of the great strengths of the AccApp meetings is the dissemination of knowledge on the diverse applications of accelerators.

The conference provides an opportunity for nuclear physicists, accelerator physicists, nuclear engineers, and other experts in the international community to meet
and discuss their research face-to-face. These interactions can help establish good working relationships and collaborations to solve common problems across
multiple disciplines. Also, old friendships can be cultivated, and new ones established. You are cordially invited to participate in AccApp'20 by submitting an abstract,
making an oral or poster presentation, and submitting a full paper for publication in our conference proceedings.


AccApp’20 Topics


  1. Accelerator Facilities 
    1. Progress at currently operating facilities and facilities under construction
    2. Future, upgrades, and reset possibilities
    3. Shutdown plans and decommissioning plans
    4. Management and strategy for accelerator facilities
    5. Accelerator Driven Systems
  2. Accelerator Design and Technology
    1. New concepts and prototyping for accelerator design (including low energy)
    2. Needs for codes and model development
    3. New trends in instrumentation
    4. Radiation protection and shielding
    5. Availability and reliability analyses
  3. High-power Accelerator Components and Targets
    1. Windows, beam monitoring systems, and beam dumps
    2. Targets
  4. Nuclear Data
    1. Nuclear reaction models and applications
    2. Charged particle, fission and fusion cross-sections and applications
    3. Photonuclear cross-sections and application
    4. High energy particle modelling, experiments, and applications
  5. Accelerators for Material Science
    1. New structural materials for fission and fusion reactors
    2. Effects of heavy ions on materials
    3. Effects on materials for microelectronics with fast particles
    4. Low energy nuclear methods for space, aviation, and other applications
  6. Accelerators for Security and Forensics
    1. Border security
    2. Replacing high activity sources with accelerator-based irradiators
    3. Nuclear techniques for forensics
  7. Accelerators for Environmental Studies
    1. Environmental monitoring
    2. Climate change and natural disasters
  8. Medical Applications of Accelerators
    1. Production of medical radioisotopes
    2. Hadron therapy
    3. BNCT
    4. Radiobiology
  9. Industrial Applications of Accelerators
    1. Electron and x-ray irradiation
    2. Industrial applications of ion beams
  10. Accelerators for Cultural Heritage
    1. Authentication, dating, and characterization
    2. Conservation


Topic organizers


Topic Topic Organizer Organization (Country)
Accelerator Facilities Andrew HuttonJefferson Lab (USA)
Sotirios CharisopoulosIAEA
Frances MarshallIAEA
Accelerator Design and Technology Peter OstroumovMSU (USA)
Natko SkukanIAEA
High-Power Accelerator Components and Targets John GalambosORNL (USA)
Eric PitcherLANL (USA)
Nuclear Data Jean-Christophe SubletIAEA
Adriaan BuijsMcMaster University (Canada)
Accelerators for Material Science Ian SwainsonIAEA
Accelerators for Security and Forensics Lance GarrisonDOE (USA)
Richard LanzaMIT (USA)
Accelerators for Environmental Studies Franco LucarelliUniversity of Florence (Italy)
Bum Soo HanIAEA
Accelerators for Cultural Heritage Loic Bertrand SOLEIL (France)
Samuel WebbSLAC (USA)
Medical Applications of Accelerators Carol JohnsonFermiLab (USA)
Oliver KesterTRIUMF (Canada)
Industrial Applications of Accelerators Jerry Peterson

Robert Hamm
University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
R&M Technical Enterprises (USA)

Charles A. Cooper Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (USA)
Material Science Yanwen Zhang Oak Ridge National Library (USA)