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Interactive Map of Accelerators


Welcome to the world-wide Interactive Map of Accelerators, developed and maintained by the IAEA Physics Section. This data base focuses on various* accelerator facilities supporting scientific research as well as offering some analytical or irradiation services to diverse community of users and stakeholders. All information was either received from the organizations operating these facilities or it was collected from different publicly accessible sources. It undergoes a process of only 'light review' by our physics team.

*To navigate between different accelerator categories, please click on the relevant orange tabs at the very top. Other navigation tips are provided at the bottom of the page

About the data base

In the present configuration, the accelerator facilities are organized into 5 main categories: 

  • Accelerator-Based Neutron Sources
  • Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) facilities
  • Electrostatic Accelerators
  • Synchrotron Light Sources
  • X-ray Free Electron Laser Sources

For each facility, additional information can be visualized by first clicking on specific category (orange tab), then either on specific sub-category (blue tab) or on the map-located facility marker. When available, the specific facility hosted website can be accessed by clicking on 'Go to Website'.

The statistics provided can also be used as filters by clicking on a specific variable/number. It is also possible to filter per country by choosing each country from the tables.

Useful Tips

  • Click on the icon  at the bottom of the map to reset the filters.
  • Click on the icon  inside the map to reset the map view.
  • Click the cursor over the individual facility marker to access additional facility info.
  • When available, click on 'Go to Website' to launch the facility hosted website.
  • Use the statistics and tables as filters.
  • 'Ctrl+click' to select two or more filters.

Contact us

The IAEA physics team is interested in feedback on this data base. Please send comments or update requests to: Physics-DB at