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About Us


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Accelerator Knowledge Portal is maintained by the Physi​cs Section of the Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences in IAEA's Department of Nuclear Sciences and ​​Applications.​

Learn about some of the Physics Section key activites below.​


  • Promoting the utilization of accelerato​rs and research reactors in support of fundamental and applied research to irradiate or characterize materials, produce radioisotopes and provide training.

  • Enhancing utilization of existing infrastructures through enabling facility access for developing countries without such facilities.

  • Assisting in planning and establishing new facilities.

  • Assisting Member States' laboratories in designing, installing, operating and maintaining the nuclear instrumentation needed for their research.

  • Implementing training workshops and hands-on-training courses, including those at the IAEA Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory in Seibersdorf, partner laboratories in the Member States or in cooperation with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, in Trieste, Italy.

  • Facilitating global fusion research and development by fostering scientific and technological progress through international collaboration; supporting education and training; strengthening interactions between ITER and non-I​TER members.​