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Welcome to the Workspace page! We would like to offer all members our the Accelerator Knowledge Portal access to our workspaces site. This page should answer any questions you have about workspaces, and help get you started on using them on our site. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email.

What are workspaces?
The Accelerator Knowledge Portal, in addition to its other features, also hosts a "Workspaces" subsite. This is a place where members can work on projects using our site. Each project will have its own workspace. Each project will have a designated group leader, usually the one who sends in the request. Each workspace will be private, ie. not accessible by anyone who has not been directly granted permission to access that workspace. Each workspace allows users to upload as many documents of any kind (with additional compatibility features for Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office documents), as well as set up tasks, reminders, announcements, and external links.
What are the advantages of using workspaces?
SharePoint's document management features have several advantages. First of all, it uses a very robust check-in / check-out system. Only one user will be allowed to work on a document at a time, preventing multiple users from making different edits simultaneously and having to have to compile them later on. The document is still viewable by the others. Secondly, the versioning feature makes it easy to keep track of any and all changes that are made to any document in the workspace. Each version will be automatically numbered, and have major and minor versions, along with the precise date and time each version was saved. Additionally, every version is saved as a backup, unless manually deleted. This is very useful if users need to go back to previous version of a document for any reason.
How do I get started on using workspaces?
Just send us an email, with the title "Workspace:" followed by the name of your project.
Click here to go to the Knowledge Repository, or click here to go back to the main page. If you have any more questions, please send us an email!