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4/3/2023 10:44 AMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
The workshop is intended both for young and experienced scientists, archaeologists, curators, forensic experts/law-enforcement actors, and policy makers interested in this quickly evolving subject. Application deadline: 15th March 2023
2/17/2023 2:13 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Get practical information on the implementation of decommissioning projects for accelerators, based on lessons learned from prior projects, from this IAEA publication.
5/9/2023 1:48 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Ions and neutrons can probe the world at different scales to reveal a wealth of information: from nano-structures to the inter-stellar space. Discover the interactive infographies in the Case Studies section, to learn about those applications !
5/9/2023 2:04 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Designed  for curators, archaeologists, analytical and restauration laboratories, this free course focuses on the applications of  X-ray Fluorescence technique (XRF) in the analysis of art and archaeological objects.
5/9/2023 2:01 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
The G42008 Coordinated Research Project “Facilitating Experiments with Ion Beam Accelerators” aims at facilitating researchers from countries not having ion beam analysis (IBA) accelerator facilities to perform experiments in such facilities abroad.
2/17/2023 2:11 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
The purpose of this e-learning tool is to help to bridge the gap between the practitioners of nuclear analytical techniques and forensic science stakeholder communities.
5/9/2023 1:57 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
This video is linked with the IAEA F11020 coordinated research project.
Read more here: 
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5/9/2023 2:02 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Support practical training in nuclear science and technology with this IAEA publication which provides key hands-on experiments of tomorrow’s nuclear professionals and technologists. It is intended for trainers and trainees.
4/3/2023 10:49 AMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
The intensive programme includes interactive talks and seminars on how particle accelerators can be used outside of fundamental research, teamwork guided by expert mentors, and an inspiring day at CERN.
5/9/2023 2:04 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Aimed at benefitting national nuclear institutions, this IAEA e-learning helps find answers to the questions "What can I do now?" and "What next?".
4/3/2023 10:45 AMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals (ISTR-2023)
17–21 April 2023, Vienna, Austria

Abstract submission deadline: 30 September 2022
5/9/2023 2:04 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Find physics job opportunities in the NuPECC website.
11/21/2022 10:39 AMUBADIKE, Nkeiru

This activity is linked with the IAEA F11021 coordinated research project. Please read more here: 
5/9/2023 1:47 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Latest issue of the RADIATE Newsletter from February 2022.
radiation effects.JPG
5/9/2023 1:58 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Learn more about the conclusions of the IAEA coordinated research project (CRP) on accelerator simulation and theoretical modelling of radiation effects with this publication.
uam job vacancy.jpg
2/17/2023 2:10 PMUBADIKE, Nkeiru
Postdoctoral position with focus on Ion beam analysis techniques for Circular Economy materials with emphasis on PIXE/PIGE