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Knowledge Repository

Welcome to the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a portal bringing together all tools, links and files related to accelerators, from the community and to its benefits.  Please click on the links on the left for individual repositories.

You can access these pages via the various links hereunder, or the navigation menus. We invite you to upload and share your own content on these pages. If you think that additionnal categories could be created, please send us a mail.  

A list of software and codes, already distributed, or self-programmed, available to the interest of the whole accelerator community
A list of educational leaflets, practical handbooks, conference presentations, for accelerator users or teaching about accelerators
Documents out of the here described categories may be uploaded here
A list of links to databases, calculation tools, and other practical sites of interest for the accelerator community
A list of public project reports, CRP’s, round-robin measurements, or internal reports you want to make available to the community