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Welcome to the IAEA Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub

The Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub (CBH) is a new digital platform that offers easy access for IAEA Member States to the latest information on IAEA activities, guidance documents and examples of good practices in all areas of human resource development for nuclear power programmes, including:

  • workforce planning

  • nuclear training and systematic approach to training (SAT)

  • nuclear leadership development

  • stakeholder involvement

  • human performance.

The CBH allows registered users to join proactive communities of practice for information sharing, capacity building, and networking.

Experts can join communities of practice for each of the above topic, provide feedback on IAEA draft publication, explore IAEA e-learning tools, connect to other relevant webpages, browse IAEA publications and access documents from past meetings.

The CBH has been developed following requests from Member States and recommendations from IAEA Technical Working Groups for a modernization in the way nuclear professional communicate. Its goal is to enable faster and more collaborative forums for the benefit of specialists working in the nuclear field.

The CBH intends to serve countries with operating nuclear power plants, those expanding their programmes, as well as countries with facilities moving into decommissioning. Member States considering or embarking on new nuclear power programmes may also find the CBH a valuable source of information and networking opportunities.

Step-by-step registration

1) In the upper right corner of this web page, click on "Register" and complete the form. An email will be sent to you after your registration. Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration in NUCLEUS. (If you already have a NUCLEUS account start at Step 2.)

2) Send your user account name, i.e. your email address, to with the following information: your name, position, organization and country. Please indicate in which topics you are interested: Workforce Planning, Nuclear Training and SAT, Nuclear Leadership Development, Stakeholder Involvement, Human Performance. You can also choose all topics.

3) Once your registration to the Hub is approved and confirmed by email, you can access the Members Area in the Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub.

Useful Links


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Postponed until 2021
TM on Nuclear Power Plant Personnel Training
Toronto, Canada

09 June 2020
Webinar Series on Training and Qualification for Nuclear Facility Personnel

Postponed until 2021
TM on Nuclear Power Plant Personnel Training
Toronto, Canada