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Development and Implementation of Programmes for Environmental Monitoring and Aftercare at Complex Remediation Sites

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This webinar will address the principles for the development of environmental monitoring and aftercare programs and the different types of monitoring that should be implemented before, during, and after remediation. It will address measurement parameters and measurement intervals, sampling and lab methods, the infrastructure needed for implementation of complex monitoring programs, the different roles of operators and regulators, QA/QC, and so forth. Data management, record keeping, reporting, and communication of monitoring results with stakeholders will also be discussed. Practical experience will be provided on the basis of case studies, namely monitoring within the WISMUT Remediation Project and monitoring at uranium legacy sites in Central Asia.

The webinar is aimed at those responsible for the implementation of remediation projects at sites with large-scale radioactive legacies. It is also addressed to the responsible supervisory authorities. The webinar will be held in English. 

Registration and attendance are free. Please follow this link to register for this webinar - REGISTRATION LINK

About panellists: Dr. Peter Schmidt is Head of the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Radiation Protection, Wismut GmbH, Germany. He has over 35 years of experience in radiation protection, with special focus on dosimetry, radiological risk assessment and measurement of ionizing radiation, including measurement and assessment of radon.

Expected duration: 1 hour 30 minues

Organized by: ENVIRONET