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Strategic Master Plan for Environmental Remediation of Uranium Legacy Sites in Central Asia  

The SMP is now availible for download by clicking the image below


Welcome to the IAEA Coordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites - CGULS

Under the auspices of the IAEA, a secretariat has been formed to support a network of national and international organizations and institutions concerned with the safe management of wastes at uranium production legacy sites primarily in Central Asia but other Member States as well. The organizations form a Network for information exchange, coordination and optimization of resources of those interested and working on reducing risk posed by these types of sites.

Network Objectives

  • Providing a forum for information exchange and provision of technical advice; and
  • Co-ordinating the actions of the members to maximize synergies and avoid duplication of effort;
  • To work on facilitating solutions for Member States currently planning for remediation of uranium legacy sites.


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22/09/2017People and Planet: Environmental Remediation in Central Asia - Call made for urgent action EC
21/09/2017“People and Planet”: Uranium mining legacy threatens Central AsiaEBRD
21/09/2017IAEA and Partners Agree on Strategic Master Plan for Remediating Uranium Legacy Sites in Central AsiaIAEA
19/09/2017Plan to clean up Central Asia uranium mining legacy signedEBRD
19/09/2017EU supported plan for Environmental Remediation in Central Asia signed EC
05/04/2017Joint EBRD/EU delegation visits Tajikistan to discuss remediation of uranium legacyEBRD
31/03/2017Joint EBRD/EU delegation visits Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan EBRD
24/03/2017Preparing for Remediation of Uranium Legacy Sites in TajikistanIAEA
17/03/2017Agreement signed with Uzbekistan to explore ways of increasing EBRD engagement EBRD
23/01/2017First agreements signed for uranium mining legacy fundEBRD
08/01/2017Tackling radiation risks in Central AsiaEBRD
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 Upcoming Events

  • CGULS Annual Meeting                      (18-22 June 2018, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

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