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Welcome to the IAEA Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources Network - DSRSNet

The IAEA receives many requests for assistance and advice for the safe management of disused sealed radioactive source (DSRS). Some assistance can be addressed by already available information. With the establishment of DSRSNet, this information will be readily accessible and give the Member State immediate answers to operators, regulators and service providers on issues on DSRS management. With the objective of scaling up safe and secure DSRS management practices worldwide, DSRSNet provides information, and implements an effective match up of the demand for assistance and advice with the supply of pertinent information.

DSRSNet is a forum for sharing practical experience, knowledge and international developments on the safe management of DSRS as an effective tool supporting the path forward as experience has shown that effective interactions between countries and organizations contributes to better conditions for implementing DSRS management projects.

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