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ER Technologies Database

​Here you will find considerations regarding the applications, cost and infrastructure related to different environmental remediation technologies. This resource is yet not a comprehensive database of environmental remediation technologies. Instead is something under constant update and is intended to guide the reader to valuable literature on different topics.

Technology Selection 

The remediation of contaminated sites may suffer from a series of problems, such as a long recovery cycle, high costs, and secondary pollution, all of which could affect land redevelopment and reuse. Therefore, the selection of an appropriate technology is crucial for contaminated sites. The selection process should combine economic indicator, environmental indicator, and technical indicator


One of the most significant problems with developing cost information is that costs reported under a set of conditions at one site are very difficult to extrapolate to other sites. A second problem is that technology vendors may report costs using a variety of different metrics that cannot be compared directly. A third problem is that often technology providers do not report the variable costs, such as permitting, mobilization of equipment to the contaminated site, treatability studies to prove the technology or obtain permits, and system design or modification for site conditions. A fourth problem is inconsistencies in the way costs are derived. A final problem is that for in situ technologies, cost information is often developed by geotechnical consultants rather than technology providers and is rarely compiled for general reference by the private user

Stakeholder Issues

The choice of technologies used to remediate contaminated environments are increasingly made via engagement with affected local residents. Direct engagement with residents about remediation technologies can provide knowledge that improves remediation technology decisions.

 Below you will find links that will take you to relevant literature on different aspects of environmental remediation including general technologies 

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