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The Ops Forum - IAEA Competition on Deployed Innovation
Global Forum for Nuclear Innovation

The Operators' Forum: IAEA call for examples of deployed innovation

​On the margins of the 64th IAEA General Conference, the Operators' Forum could give YOU the opportunity to present your work on an example of deployed innovation


Nuclear power plants in multiple Member States are pursuing innovative solutions to overcome challenges linked to economic sustainability that have, for the past few years, forced several operating plants to permanently shut down before the end of licensed operating period. This year's Operators' Forum will focus on those deployed innovations that support the current fleet.

Stakeholders from NPP owners/operators, nuclear utilities, regulators, technical support and R&D organizations are invited to submit an existing project that promotes deployed innovation(s) at operating nuclear power plants, in line with this year's operators' forum topic. Submissions must:

  • Be deployed at operating nuclear power plants

  • Be innovative, clearly linked to a given challenge and able to show tangible impact/benefit

  • Include details about how the innovation was deployed

  • Linked to top 4 innovations identified during the GF2019 (desired but not mandatory)

Submissions should be sent using the attached template to the following email address by 15 August 2020.

Selected examples will be given the opportunity to join the Operators' Forum panel and share their ideas using an innovative format: the PechaKucha. Others will be added to the IAEA GFNI network with the permission of submitting organizations.

Template for submission




  • What if my submission is deemed appropriate for the IAEA General Conference, but travel is not possible?

    • No worries, we can consider providing some financial support and / or remote presentation options are planned.

  • Are non-technical innovative solutions relevant?

    • Yes! Innovative organisational structures, work processes, training methodologies, stakeholder engagement approaches, etc. are all welcome. We only ask that their tangible benefits to NPP sustainability be clearly elaborated.

  • I am a commercial company / supplier—with solutions that satisfy the criteria deployed in one or more NPPs. May I offer a submission?

    • We ask that your solution be submitted through / in partnership with the relevant NPP organisation and that they define the initial challenge and resulting benefit.

  • Any other question(s) related to the call? Send us an email to!

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