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​The R²D² Project (2006 – 2015)

​The R²D² Project (2006 – 2015)

The IAEA implemented Research Reactor Decommissioning Demonstration Project (R²D²) to assist Member States in developing national policies and plans for safe decommissioning of research reactors. The project covered all aspects of the decommissioning process, from establishing regulatory infrastructure to the final release of the facility from regulatory control.

The R²D² project facilitated exchange of information and lessons learned between countries that have RR decommissioning experience and those who had no prior decommissioning experience.

R²D² activities included:

  • providing a platform that can be used for "hands-on" and practical training in activities related to safe decommissioning;
  • serving as a focal point for the exchange of information, experience, education and training on regulatory requirements, decommissioning approaches and technologies;
  • demonstrating how decommissioning of RRs was carried out in other countries;
  • promoting application of international safety standards for decommissioning to national situations;
  • Introducing participants to methodologies that are accepted to be good international practice;
  • demonstrating interaction between the parties involved in decommissioning: the regulatory body, the operator, any contractors, the organizations responsible for the processing, transport and disposal of radioactive waste, the radiation protection personnel, decontamination and dismantling specialists, administrative personnel, as well as politicians and decision makers.

The IAEA organized R²D² workshops to demonstrate the activities needed for safe decommissioning of a research reactor.  Workshops and training courses served as a teaching laboratory for participants. The participants received training through lectures and practical insights at demonstration events carried out at a RR undergoing decommissioning Participants were expected to apply the knowledge gained from the R²D² project in the practical day-to-day work specific to their national situation.

The R²D² project was completed in 2015.

The R²D² Closure.pdf
The R²D² Project Summary
Document Collection: Workshop 01
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Decommissioning of Research Reactors
Document Collection: Workshop 02
Basics of Decommissioning of Research Reactors
Document Collection: Workshop 03
Transition Phase
Document Collection: Workshop 04
Characterization Survey
Document Collection: Workshop 05
Decommissioning Activities: Project Planning, Management, Regulatory Review and Safety Assessment
Document Collection: Workshop 06
Cost Estimate
Document Collection: Workshop 07
Decommissioning Technologies
Document Collection: Workshop 08
Release of Sites and Building Structures
Document Collection: Workshop 09
Safety Assessment for Decommissioning of Research Reactors
Document Collection: Workshop 10
Review of a Decommissioning Plan
Document Collection: Workshop 11
Preparation for Conducting Decommissioning Actions
Document Collection: Workshop 12
Project Management – Decommissioning
Document Collection: Workshop 13
Dismantling of the Higher Active Parts of a Research Reactor
Document Collection: Workshop 14
Release of Buildings and Sites / Final Survey