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Welcome to the IAEA International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization - LABONET​

The International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET) has been established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in the application of proven, quality assured practices for the characterization of low and intermediate level radioactive waste and waste packages.

Network Objectives

  • To support organizations or Member States with less advanced nuclear programmes for characterization of radioactive waste;
  • To develop an expanded range of training and demonstration activities;
  • To facilitate sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience amongst organizations with characterization facilities in operation;
  • To create a forum in which experts' advice and technical guidance may be provided.

For further information or questions please contact

TECDOC- 1537 (2007)
Strategy and Methodology for Radioactive Waste Characterization tab
TECDOC- 1515 (2006)
Development of Specifications for Radioactive Waste Packages tab
TRS- 434 (2005)
Methods for Maintaining a Record of Waste Packages during Waste Processing and Storage tab
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 Current Highlights

We are pleased to announce that this year, the traditional LABONET 

Technical Meeting on Achievements and Challenges in Radioactive Waste Characterization 

 will be held during  2 - 6 August 2021, at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna.  Sufficient information will be available and released to the MS's through official channels. 



New Webinars 

  • January 19, 13-16 CET:  Innovations in cemented waste package monitoring and storage  (WP7)
  • February 16, 13-16 CET: Innovations in metallic material treatment and conditioning (WP4)

  • March 9, 13-16 CET: Innovations in solid organic waste treatment and conditioning (WP6)
  • March 30, 13-16 CET: Innovations in liquid organic waste treatment and conditioning (WP5)

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