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Welcome to the IAEA Management System Network of Excellence - MSN

The IAEA developed a dedicated Management System Network of Excellence (MSN) to facilitate and encourage enhanced co-operation and the exchange of knowledge and experience on management systems and safety culture in the nuclear industry and related disciplines throughout the world. The MSN is one of the networks of CONNECT. CONNECT is a web-based platform hosted by the IAEA on behalf of its Member States that will provide a gateway for interconnecting IAEA networks, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information that complement existing training workshops and meetings.

Amongst the features provided by CONNECT the MSN will provide the following features related to management systems and safety culture:

  • Overview of important meetings;
  • Discussion forums on both common and special topics;
  • Expert search function; find the person who can help you with your problems;
  • Library of documents, presentations, videos, software tools, glossaries, and other resources;
  • E-Learning: nuclear education and training, on demand video, and archived presentations and seminars;
  • Resources, including calendar of meetings and events, training courses, webinars, and online meeting workspaces.

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