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Fuel Materials for Fast Reactors (FMFR)
Nuclear Fuel Engineering Network

Open for proposals

Start Date
Expected End DateProject Code
27 February 2019​31 December 2022T12031


The main purpose of a new Coordinated Research Project (CRP) is to support the fuel and cladding materials performance assessments for the sodium-cooled fast reactor technology, in accordance with the Gen-IV requirements, through enhancing the fuel performance codes. Methodologies to achieve this goal are to collect irradiation test data and build a dataset that shall be shared among the IAEA Member States (MSs) and to extend the validation basis of fuel performance phenomena.

The CRP will bring together specialists from IAEA MSs with active sodium-cooled fast reactor programmes to share their national efforts. A key topic of this new CRP is to expand the IFPE database, currently dedicated to thermal reactors, to include fast reactors (FRs). To achieve this, new datasets on prototypic commercial irradiations as well as experiments performed in research reactors will be collected from participants. Simultaneously, some experiments from these datasets will be chosen for international benchmarking exercises for FR fuel performance codes used by MSs.

Correspondingly, two focus areas for this CRP are 1) collecting irradiation test data on fuel materials, including oxide (UO2/MOX) and metallic (U/U-Pu based alloys) fuels and steel-based claddings (austenitic, ferritic-martensitic, ODS steels etc.) and 2) performing benchmarking exercises. The approach could be starting with an open literature survey on selected topics.

The subsequently approach is to reinforce/supplement the datasets with additional irradiation test data from MSs participating in this CRP. A completed dataset, as a minimum, from one fuel pin irradiation test should follow. It is the participant’s responsibilities to ensure test data will be provided in English. A template used/recommended by the OECD NEA is considered as the basis for a “complete” dataset. An overview document is recommended, as the first step, to ensure a common irradiation dataset could then be identified and agreed.  

This CRP will have several benchmarking exercises, based on selected data, with clear objectives that focus on the driver fuel. Participants could subsequently express their interests (topics) of their choices.


  • CEA                         France
  • CRIEPI                    Japan
  • JAEA                       Japan
  • IGCAR                     India
  • KAERI                     Korea, Republic of
  • IBRAE                     Russian Federation
  • ANL                         United States of America
  • OECD-NEA             France
  • KAERI                     Korea, Republic of
  • INL                          United States of America

Overall Objectives:

  •  Effective dissemination of knowledge and expertise on sodium fast reactor fuel behaviour under irradiation conditions, by facilitating the collaboration among MSs. 

Specific Objectives:

  •  To bring together experts to enhance the international collaboration and save efforts by optimizing the use of data from limited number of facilities for joint benefits.  
  • To promote sharing of data from fast neutron irradiation experiments on fuel pins and associated post-irradiation examination.  
  • To perform simulations of these datasets, using various fuel performance codes.  
  • To compare, analyse and share simulation results among participants, including recommendations on fuel performance codes enhancement and identification of gaps in irradiation data.


  • A knowledge retention tool for supporting fuel designs for fast reactors.  
  • Enhanced confidence in the use of fuel performance codes that support FR application.


  • A common database on prototypic commercial irradiations as well as experiments performed in research reactors.  
  • Results of computer modelling of a selected number of cases with the use of different fuel performance codes.  
  • Scientific papers publication, presentations, final CRP report and TECDOC.

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