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CONNECT's Terms of Use

All Users registering for the Networks on CONNECT must agree to and comply with this terms of use policy. Violation of any of the terms of use can and will result in the removal of privileges and banning of user accounts for the person(s) responsible for the violations, and may result in civil or criminal prosecution depending on the nature of the offence. IAEA reserves the right to remove any material, files, text, etc. uploaded or contributed by any User.

The contents of the terms of use policy include the following:

  1. Users must respect other users at all times (i.e., ideas, but not people, may be challenged)
  2. Obscene, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate comments or postings will not be tolerated
  3. Users cannot engage in any intellectual property infringement or copyright violation while utilizing the platform
  4. Users cannot engage in any harassing and/or defamatory conduct
  5. Users cannot use the network tools to conduct direct sales advertisement or promotion of their organizations’ activities / products / services
  6. Spamming is prohibited
  7. Users may not use the email addresses or other personal details of any Users found on this site for unauthorized uses, such as spamming or mass emailing, marketing, etc
  8. Users agree to be added to the CONNECT Email Update contact list. The email update is sent every two months and people can unsubscribe at any time.

 We encourage you to also check the NUCLEUS Terms of Use, that can be found here.