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More About International Low Level Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

Following the growing demand from Member States for assistance in disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, a network has been established to increase efficiency in sharing international experience in the area. DISPONET is intended to bring together those planners, developers and operators of disposal facilities who wish to steadily improve international practices and approaches in managing low and intermediate level waste.


Network Objectives

  • To coordinate support to organizations or Member States with less advanced programmes for disposal of low and intermediate level waste, by making available the relevant skills, knowledge, managerial approaches and expertise from Member States with operating disposal facilities;
  • To facilitate information and experience sharing amongst organizations with advanced designs and disposal facilities in operation;
  • To organize training and demonstration activities with a regional or thematic focus providing hands-on, user-oriented experience and advising on proven technologies.
  • To create a forum to receive expert advice and technical guidance for the Agency programme on low and intermediate level waste disposal; and
  • To encourage knowledge transfer regarding good practices in low and intermediate level waste disposal.

Scope of Activities of DISPONET

The programme of DISPONET activities was formulated in consultation with advanced repository operators. Topics considered cover the full scope of disposal issues and respect different national approaches, in particular:

  • Low and intermediate level waste and very low level waste, including disused sealed radioactive sources;
  • Facilities for surface and subsurface disposal, including borehole disposal;
  • The whole lifecycle of a disposal facility, such as: planning, siting, design, construction, assessment of safety, operation, closure, monitoring and institutional control; Different stages of repository development. 

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