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International Decommissioning Network (IDN)

During the fall of 2007, the IAEA launched a new professional community of practice, or "Network," to provide a continuing forum for the sharing of practical decommissioning experience in response to the needs expressed at the Athens Conference in Dec. 2006 on "Lessons Learned from the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and the Safe Termination of Nuclear Activities". This Network is intended to bring together existing decommissioning initiatives both inside and outside the IAEA to enhance cooperation and coordination.

Network Objectives

  • To facilitate direct exchange of information between practitioners, i.e. between and among those with extensive decommissioning experience and those seeking to learn from this experience;
  • To promote application of "best practices" in decommissioning technology, planning, project management, and the management of nuclear wastes;
  • To support the Agency's agenda on decommissioning as set out in the "Decommissioning Action Plan";
  • To improve the quality and timeliness of responses to requests from Member States for assistance with decommissioning of aging or shut-down facilities;
  • To assist in strategic and systematic planning of assistance resulting in a logical progression from preliminary planning to full implementation of decommissioning.

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