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More About Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM)

Drawing upon Knowledge Management good practice, the International Community of Practice (ICoP) on NKM shall be used to complement new and existing IAEA NKM activities. In this regard, the overarching aim of the proposed ICoP on NKM is:


To serve on behalf of IAEA Member States as an international forum for learning and growth of competence in the application of nuclear knowledge and its management.

In line with its overall aim, the detailed objectives of the ICoP for NKM are:
  • Build professional relationships by establishing, making visible, and maintaining a worldwide network of accessible nuclear expertise in the area of NKM;

  • Learn and develop the practice of Nuclear Knowledge Management by facilitating sharing and transfer of NKM expertise and experience in a socially responsible way through online and face-to-face meetings;

  • Engage Member States in NKM programmes and regional networks;

  • Create new knowledge in the NKM domain by supporting initiation of new activities in the area of NKM for Member States;

  • Promote awareness, understanding and impact of managing nuclear knowledge for the peaceful applications of nuclear technologies.

ICoP on NKM shall be used to support the Technical Working Group on Knowledge Management Education and Outreach (TWG-KMEO), as well as to complement existing IAEA NKM activities.

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