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More About Networking Nuclear Education (NNE)

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Networking Nuclear Education (NNE) shall be used to complement new and existing IAEA educational network activities such as the AFRANEST, ANENT and LANENT. Other nuclear education networks are also welcome to partcipate, including ENEN, UNENE, NTEC and so on.  

In this regard, the overarching aim of the proposed NNE CoP is:


To serve on behalf of IAEA Member States as an international forum to identify best practices and to share lessons learned, experiences and resources amongst nuclear educational institutions


In line with its overall aim, the detailed objectives of the ICoP for NKM are: ​

1.     to analyse their regional educational network and to share lessons learned and experiences on networking for education to improve educational processes.

2.     to discuss on how nuclear education networks further contribute to capacity building and safety culture

3.     to identify commonalities, synergies and interregional activities that can improve efficacy and efficiency

4.     to identify (and where possible, try to solve) potential problems or barriers affecting networking activities​


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