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IAEA CONNECT is a web-based collaboration platform hosted by the IAEA on behalf of its Member States that provides a gateway for interconnecting IAEA networks.

IAEA Networks

CONNECT hosts several IAEA professional networks in various nuclear related areas.


Read the latest news related to CONNECT and the IAEA networks.

Promo materials

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Technical meetings

Find all IAEA technical meetings related to nuclear energy.

The IAEA CONNECT platform is an easy-to-use online environment that hosts a wide range of IAEA’s professional networks that brings together professionals and experts from IAEA and its Member States to facilitate the sharing of information and capacity building while offering a centralized resource hub in their topical areas. 

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Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) session or contact us. For bi-monthly updates, check our CONNECT Email Updates below and sign up!


These professional networks were created to allow its members to work collaboratively in a safe environment, in a timely manner and in a cost-effective way within the scope of their technical areas. Each one has a public site and a members-only site, all at no cost to you. Access to the members-area is done through the public site, just click on the respective icon to get redirected there.

Some of the substantial benefits provided by these networks are:

  • A single-entry point for area specific resources (members have access to additional resources)
  • Cost free access to training materials and courses, including e-learning modules
  • Access to materials presented at IAEA workshops, training courses, group scientific visits and similar (for network members only)
  • Access to shared experiences and lessons learned, including good practices (for network members only).
  • Collaborative development of guidance documents, procedures and training materials (for network members only).

To find out more on each one and learn how to become a member, please click on the respective network icon that will take you to its public site.

External networks

Want more? Every two months we send out an email update with the latest news on our current networks and their related topics.

The IAEA CONNECT platform is a project supported through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programmee with additioanl funding from the European Commission.


The IAEA regularly holds meetings related to its technical programme. Their purpose is typically to analyse particular aspects of individual projects or specific programme areas, or to work out a set of recommendations and advice on those. Participation is by invitation only and all potential applicants are encouraged to apply online. Those with a lower bandwidth connection can also download the nomination form that can be found on the respective TM page under the IAEA website. However, all nominations need to go through the official channels.

For a full list of technical meetings related to the nuclear energy field, please visit our website here.

These Technical Meetings (TM) represent an opportunity to bring Member States together to share information and knowledge as well as enable capacity building on specific technical topics. In addition, outputs from Technical Meetings can be used to support the development of IAEA events (e.g. workshops, ARTEMIS reviews) and materials (e.g. publications, wiki articles). In some Technical Meetings, Member States can be invited to present their national current status. These materials can be found on the TM's site, should one have been created, here on CONNECT.

How to find a TM

  • For meetings related to a specific network topic, just go to the respective network site and search for Resources or Technical Meetings.
  • For meetings which topics are outside of the scope of any network, please visit the general site for Technical Meetings.

    Important: Access to these TM sites are restricted to CONNECT/Network members or by invitation only.

Now available for download the CONNECT brochure and poster.