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2020 Services Series No.44
Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance Assessment for Research Reactors (OMARR) tab
2019 IAEA TECDOC No.1871
Material Properties Database for Irradiated Core Structural Components for Lifetime Management for Long Term Operation of Research Reactors page navigation
2015 IAEA-TECDOC-1762
Operating Experience from Events Reported to the IAEA Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors tab
2014 IAEA TECDOC No.1748
Project Experiences in Research Reactor Ageing Management, Modernization and Refurbishment tab
2010 Safety Standards Series SSG-10
Ageing Management for Research Reactors page navigation
2008 Safety Standards Series NS-G-4.5
The Operating Organization and the Recruitment, Training and Qualification of Personnel for Research Reactors tab
2008 Safety Standards Series NS-G-4.4
Operational Limits and Conditions and Operating Procedures for Research Reactors tab
2006 Safety Standards Series NS-G-4.2
Maintenance, Periodic Testing and Inspection of Research Reactors tab
2001 IAEA TECDOC No. 1263
Application of Non-Destructive Testing and In-service Inspection to Research Reactors tab