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2016Large-scale evaluation of beta-decay rates of r-process nuclei with the inclusion of first-forbidden transitions
2015Evaluation of Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission Probabilities and Half-Lives for Z = 2-28
2015131Beta-decay properties of the very neutron-rich isotopes 86Ge and 86As
2015Experimental study of beta and beta-n decay of the neutron-rich N = 54 isotone 87As
2015High Resolution Measurements of Aggregate Delayed Neutron Spectra in Different Time Intervals from Thermal Neutron Induced Fission of 235U
2014β-delayed multiple-neutron emission in the effective density model
2016First Measurement of Several β-Delayed Neutron Emitting Isotopes Beyond N = 126
2016Effects of fission yield data in the calculation of antineutrino spectra for 235U(n,fission)
2017Summary report of the 22nd Technical Meeting of the international network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data evaluators
2017Summary report of the 3rd RCM of the CRP on beta-delayed neutron emission evaluation