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EERRI Group Fellowship

14th EERRI Research Reactor Group Fellowship Training Course

24/09/2018 - 02/11/2018                                                    Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic

The 14th Research Reactor Group Fellowship Training Course is organized by the Eastern European Research Reactor Initiative (EERRI), in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This intensive six week course is targeted to young professionals and addresses all aspects connected to research reactors. It offers the necessary background to carry out activities related to planning, commissioning, safe operation and maintenance, and effective utilisation of research reactors.

The programme is a combination of comprehensive theoretical lectures and numerous hands-on training exercises involving research reactor operation and utilisation. Practical exercises and demonstration experiments are carried out under the guidance of 4 EERRI partners: Atominstitut of the Vienna University of Technology; Czech Technical University in Prague; Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and  Nuclear Research Institute of Rez, Czech Republic. The prospectus and draft programme of the course are available below in Project Documents.


A short film presenting the EERRI course can be found at:

Participants to the EERRI Research Reactor Group Fellowship Training Course may apply for financial support from the IAEA through the Technical Cooperation (TC) programme. For the 2018 EERRI course, IAEA TC Fellowship Nominations should be submitted not later than the 20th of July 2018, using the standard IAEA application form for fellowships available at the following address:

Complementary information regarding the training course and applications can be obtained contacting us via

Self-supported candidates (no cost to the IAEA) can send their individual applications directly to the course organizers: Mr. Helmuth Boeck ( and Mr. Lubomir Sklenka ( Please note the number of participants is generally limited due to space and visitor restrictions at the various facilities.


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