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​Capacity Building and Infrastructure Development

Capacity building and infrastructure development assist Member States in embarking on new RR projects, including project planning and implementation, assessment and development of national nuclear infrastructure, national nuclear capacity building and HR development. It supports Member States in embarking on new research reactor projects through workshops and expert missions (including INIR for Research Reactors missions); delivery of tools for capacity building based on research reactors (ICERR, hands-on training courses, IRL); and development of relevant publications. 

Several Member States (MS) have started planning or building their first research reactor as a key national facility for the development of their nuclear science and technology programmes, including nuclear power. However, the introduction of the first research reactor in a country requires the establishment of an adequate national infrastructure which covers a wide range of technical areas to ensure that national and international commitments and obligations, particularly regarding safety, security, safeguards and emergency preparedness, are met during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases. To support Member States in such efforts, the IAEA has developed guidance on the timely preparation of a new research reactor project through sequential phases and expected level of achievement (Milestones), known as the Research Reactor Milestones Approach (RRMA).

Eastern European Research Reactor Initiative
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International Centers based on Research Reactors
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Internet Reactor Laboratory
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Feasibility Study Preparation for New Research Reactor Programmes
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.18 tab
Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors
Strategic Planning for Research Reactors
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.16 tab
Applications of Research Reactors
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NP-T-5.3 tab
Utilization Related Design Features of Research Reactors: A Compendium
Technical Reports Series No. 455 tab
Technical Requirements in the Bidding Process for a New Research Reactor
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NP-T-5.6 tab
Specific Considerations and Milestones for a Research Reactor Project
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NP-T-5.1 tab