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RRS Elearning

​Welcome to E-learning Resources Related to Research Reactors

Introductory Training Course for Research Reactor Personnel

This course was developed under the scope of TC regional project RLA1012. It is expected to be useful to all other regions as well. The course is divided in three main areas: Reactor Theory; Research Reactors; Operation and Safety of Research Reactors.

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Curso introductorio de capacitación para personal de reactores deinvestigación:

El curso fue desarrollado bajo el alcance de proyecto TC regional RLA1012. Se espera que ello sea útil a todas otras regiones también. Es dividido en tres áreas principales: Teoría De reactor; Reactores de Investigación; Operación y Seguridad de Reactores de Investigación.

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​Research Reactor Applications 

The objective of the course is to increase human capacity building in Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), as well as to contribute to the overall sustainability of the technique.

This e-learning course is directed at young specialists or beginners without extended experience of conducting neutron imaging independently, and it covers all the most important aspects of neutron imaging. 
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The purpose of this e-learning tool is to help to bridge the gap between the practitioners of nuclear analytical techniques and forensic science stakeholder communities. 

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A Strategic Plan is an indispensable document for a national nuclear institution. It is used to define whatconstitutes efficient, optimized and well managed facilities, as well as the activities necessary to fulfil the institution’s 

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​E-learning related to Safety from RRSS

Research Reactors Safety Section develops and implements programmes and activities for the safety enhancement of research reactors and fuel cycle facilities. It provides for monitoring and enhancing research reactors subject to project and supply agreements and helps Member States fulfil their safety obligations.


E-learning Common Area

This area collectively provides information on e-learning related to the networks hosted on the IAEA CONNECT platform.