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Welcome to the IAEA International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy sites - RSLS

The International Working Forum on the Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites (RSLS) aims to improve the short- and long-term safety of radiologically contaminated legacy sites.

The Forum was launched in 2010 to promote effective and efficient regulatory supervision of legacy site management consistent with the IAEA safety standards and good international practices.

The Forum facilitates collection, collation and exchange of information related to legacy sites and fosters mutual support among participating regulators and operators of legacy sites. It also supports the sharing of lessons from legacy site management with those managing operating sites to avoid that additional legacy sites are created.

Themes addressed by the Forum include:

  • National frameworks for safety of legacy sites.
  • Identification of legacy sites;
  • Site evaluation and characterization;
  • Remediation strategy and planning;
  • Development of regulatory requirements and guidance;
  • Licensing, inspection and compliance monitoring;
  • Safety case and safety assessment for legacy sites;
  • Interim safety measures;
  • Support for remediation programmes, including radiation protection and residue management;
  • Management of legacy sites after remediation;
  • Communication with and involvement of interested parties.

The Forum holds technical meetings, workshops and demonstration events at legacy sites. In addition, it forms Working Groups as needed to address legacy site safety topics such as enhancing the regulatory framework, safety and environmental impact assessments as well as professional development for regulators.

Regulatory bodies, technical support organizations and those responsible for managing legacy sites are encouraged to take part in RSLS.


Are you interested to find out more about the RSLS network of professionals and their activities?

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