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The IAEA e-briefings on spent fuel management provide high level information to decision makers, stakeholders and, in general, professionals and non-professionals interested in the topic.

They are free and do not require registration or enrolment. They are progressively made available in French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Other IAEA e- briefings on radioactive waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation are available at the corresponding IAEA professional networks’ sites on the CONNECT platform.  


  1. Click on the file to open/download it or use the ellipsis (the [...] menu) right next to the file name. To download it, if you use the ellipsis, you will need to further select the Download a Copy option from the subsequent ellipsis, the [...] menu. Click here for illustration. 

  2. Extract all files.

  3. Launch the e-briefing by selecting "Laucher.exe"
Note: Some organizations may have restrictions regarding executable files (.exe) and you may need permission from your organization to run them. In that case you have two options: a) you can scan the file for viruses, then you should be good to go; or b) you can access the same material as e-learning here. Please note that the IAEA e-learning platform does require a NUCLEUS account to login. Should you have any problems please contact us.
Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Strategy and
Fuel Storage Facility Design and
Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Strategy and