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Welcome to the IAEA International Network on Spent Fuel Management - SFM Net

The spent fuel management (SFM) network is a forum for the sharing of practical experie​nce and international developments on spent fuel management.

Its main objectives are to facilitate the efficient exchange of information, communication and cooperation amongst professionals working in the back end of the fuel cycle – from its removal from a reactor core to its final disposition (i.e. SNF wet and dry storage, transportation, handling and retrieval, reprocessing and recycling, economics of the back-end of nuclear fuel cycle, damaged SNF management, stakeholder involvement, communication issues, etc.)

The establishment of the SFM Net is aimed at fostering safe, sustainable and efficient spent nuclear fuel management practices across all IAEA Member States.

For further information or questions please contact

Spent Fuel Performance Assessment & Research (SPAR-IV) tab
Status and Trends in Pyroprocessing of Spent Nuclear FuelsStatus and Trends in Pyroprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuels tab
Phenomenology, Simulation & Modelling of Accidents in Spent Fuel Pools tab
Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors Learning from the Past, Enabling the Future (SFM19) tab
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Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles (FR17) page navigation
Storing Spent Fuel until Transport to Reprocessing or Disposal page navigation
Behaviour of Spent Power Reactor Fuel During StorageIAEA-TECDOC-1862 tab
SSG-15 Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
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SSR-6 Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material tab

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