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Radioactive Dating (Athens, 19-23 Nov. 1962)
Geology of Uranium and ThoriumGeology of Uranium and Thorium1962
Metallurgy of Thorium ProductionMetallurgy of Thorium Production1962
Radiological Health and Safety in Mining and Milling of Nuclear Materials (Vienna, 26-31 Aug. 1963)
Radioisotope Instruments in Industry and Geophysics (Warsaw, 18-22 Oct. 1965)
Radioactive Dating and Methods of Low-level Counting (Monaco, 2-10 March 1967)
Radioisotope Tracers in Industry and Geophysics (Prague, 21-25 Nov. 1966)
Processing of Low Grade Uranium Ores
Geology of Uranium and Thorium, Vol. II (1961-1966)Geology of Uranium and Thorium, Vol. II (1961-1966)1968
Uranium Exploration Geology
The Recovery of Uranium
Uranium Exploration Methods
Recommended Instrumentation for Uranium and Thorium Exploration
The Oklo Phenomenon (Libreville, Gabon, 23-27 June 1975)
Formation of Uranium Ore Deposits
Radon in Uranium Mining
Exploration for Uranium Ore Deposits (Vienna, 29 March - 2 April 1976)
Radiometric Reporting Methods and Calibration in Uranium Exploration
Nuclear Techniques and Mineral Resources 1977 (Vienna, 7-10 March 1977)
Site Selection Factors for Repositories of Solid High Level and Alpha Bearing Wastes in Geological Formations
Recognition and Evaluation of Uraniferous Areas
Uranium Ore Processing
Discussions of the Uranium Geology Working Groups, IGC, Sydney
Gamma ray Surveys in Uranium Exploration
Evaluation of Uranium Resources
Uranium Evaluation and Mining Techniques (Buenos Aires, 1-4 Oct. 1979)
Uranium in the Pine Creek Geosyncline (Sydney, 4-8 June 1979)
Significance of Mineralogy in the Development of Flowsheets for Processing Uranium Ores
Uranium Deposits in Africa: Geology and Exploration
Current Practices and Options for Confinement of Uranium Mill Tailings
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