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Uranium Production Cycle

Welcome to the IAEA International Network on the Uranium Production Cycle - UPC Net

Uranium is the primary component of nuclear power reactors’ fuel and must be managed properly in a safe and sustainable manner. The typical annual production of natural uranium world-wide is between 55,000 and 65,000 tons of uranium (metal equivalent).

The overall objective of the IAEA Uranium Production Cycle (UPC) Network is to enhance member States’ knowledge and information sharing in the fields of exploration, discovery and assessment of resources; prefeasibility and feasibility studies; mining and processing development including technology selection and testing; construction and operation of mining facilities; and the appropriate closure of Uranium production sites where the resource has been depleted. All these areas must be based on best practices, aim for a minimal adverse impact on the environment and society and bring benefits to local and national communities and economies.

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10/12/2019IAEA LEU Bank / Final Shipment Arrives At Agency’s Kazakhstan FacilityThe Independent Nuclear News Agency
05/12/2019Franco-Uzbek uranium mining JV launchedWorld Nuclear News
04/12/2019Jordan plans to sign uranium production agreement with EgyptMENAFN
23/10/2019French nuclear group Orano's uranium mine in Niger to close in 2021Reuters
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    Upcoming Events
  • Consultancy Meeting on Assessing Red Book Data 03.02.2020 - 07.02.2020
  • 56th Meeting of the Joint OECD/NEA–IAEA Uranium Group 04.02.2020  - 06.02.2020
  • Consultancy Meeting to Develop a TECDOC on Uranium Production Feasibility Studies: Processing, Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects 18.05. 2020 – 21.05.2020

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