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The IAEA e-briefings on geological disposal provide high level information to decision makers, stakeholders and, in general, professionals and non-professionals interested in the topic. The first 30 minutes will brief you on the fundamentals of geological disposal and the remaining one hour would give you more depth into the subject.

They are free and do not require registration or enrolment.

Please note you are able to stop and come back to the e-briefing at any given moment. You will be taken to where you left off.

Other IAEA e- briefings on spent fuel, radioactive waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation are available at the corresponding IAEA professional networks’ sites on the CONNECT platform.  


  1. Click on the file to open/download it or use the ellipsis (the [...] menu) right next to the file name. To download it, if you use the ellipsis, you will need to further select the Download a Copy option from the subsequent ellipsis, the [...] menu. Click here for illustration. 

  2. Extract all files.

  3. Launch the e-briefing by selecting "story.html". 

    Should you have any problems please contact us.
E-briefing on Geological disposal
English1h30m approx.