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Welcome to the World Nuclear University's Networks for Nuclear Innovation

The World Nuclear University (WNU) is a worldwide network of educational and research institutions engaged in peaceful uses of nuclear energy, radioisotope production and applications of ionizing radiation in medicine and industry. Its founding supporters are World Nuclear Association, IAEA, OECD NEA and WANO. WNU has been providing cutting-edge competence building programmes since 2003 and as of 2020, almost 8000 participants from over 85 countries have attended WNU programmes. This includes 1214 Fellows from 85 countries who have attended the Summer Institute programme.

Networks for Nuclear Innovation (NNI) bring new light to important challenges in the nuclear field. The purpose of integrating the NNI in the CONNECT Platform is to facilitate the exchange of information among WNU Fellows, and to foster engagement from Alumni of all years in any topic of their interest, in pursuing innovative solutions.

We invite all Alumni, Faculty, Mentors and Organizers of WNU leadership development programmes to register as a member by clicking on the 'Not a member yet?' button on the right hand side of this page. 

Network Scope

To provide and maintain a:  

  • Community of practice and learning for innovations in the nuclear energy area, sharing  the experience gained at WNU programmes;
  • Platform to assess and share innovative solutions on different current issues of the  nuclear area;
  • Platform to propose new topics, and collaborative works.
Examples of topics included in Members' Area include waste management, financing, organisational effectiveness, leadership, communications, and advanced nuclear technologies.

With support of the IAEA, the WNU coordinates and facilitates the activities of the NNI platform and acts as Scientific Secretariat to the NNI, including maintaining records of its activities and publishing these records on the CONNECT platform. 

WNU is grateful to IAEA for hosting NNI on CONNECT, and for all of their support.

For further information or questions please contact

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"The Networks for Nuclear Innovation platform on CONNECT facilitates the WNU Alumni network’s long-term collaboration and innovation in all areas of the nuclear industry. I greatly anticipate the positive impacts this platform will have on global electricity generation"

Agneta Rising, ‎Director General, World Nuclear Association

"With over 40 years experience in the nuclear industry, I have seen many organizational and individual development programs but what WNU has done for the nuclear industry is far beyond the expectation and I want to personally thank you."

Amir Shahkarami, ‎Former Senior VP, Exelon Generation, President & CEO CASe Global Partners, Inc